About WhistleOut

We Are Happy Buyers

That wasn't always the case. A few years ago, before we started WhistleOut in 2008, we got lost when trying to compare services and ensuring that we got the best deal. That fleeting love and attention from the potential seller was nice, but it was only part of the story. And, that's our story.

We were out of our depth when trying to compare mobile phone plans and we didn't like the feeling. So, we got together and built our own technology to compare telecommunications products initially and expanded out from there.

At the heart of what we do is to try and take complex products and services, which are inherently designed to be confusing, and make them simple and easily comparable. We’re never finished.

Fair Comparisons

WhistleOut was founded by people who knew that there had to be simple online ways to get the best deal. Our first prototype was more like a group buying site than a comparison site.

We’re not owned by telcos or finance companies, and we approach everything from the customer’s point of view. We believe in providing consumers with rich, interactive tools to make it easier to compare complex products and services.

The comparisons you see on WhistleOut and our partner sites are as rich as we can possibly make them where we assess many variables when creating our results.

Who's Behind WhistleOut

Cameron Craig

Cameron Craig


Formerly in book publishing, Cameron has had to learn a lot about online sales. He published millions of books here and in the Middle East, but always had an affinity for consumer level interactions in business. It is true that Cameron had the first idea for this website, but it was not even close to possible without the other members of the team. 

Fav Shows: Bored to Death, Arrested Development (it is on a pedestal), Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Coffee? With sugar (the experts are shaking their heads at that).

Jason Hill

Jason Hill

Technology Director

Jason has lived and breathed technology for most of his life. He remembers when 16K of RAM was a good thing and has spent so many years in front of computers that he really should be wearing glasses by now. A common desire to improve the online consumer experience and lots of code helped deliver this website.

Fav Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louis Theroux, QI, Extras.

Coffee? Never been one for caffeine. A very odd tea, mostly a result of 15 years in the UK.

Jason Hill

Pete Ottery

Creative Director

Pete has been designing websites since it was all about animated gifs and Alta Vista. Previously the Head of Design at Fairfax Digital (in the f2 days) and News Digital Media, he has the "form follows function" mantra beaten into him. Right next to the wireframes.

Fav Shows: The Office (original UK version). Actually, anything with Gervais in it. And Curb Your Enthusiasm. He wants to be Larry David.

Coffee? Indeed. Periodically gets up to 4 a day, but generally try to cap it at 3. Would like to be at 2 one day.