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Formerly known as Sony Ericsson, Sony Mobile Communications AB is a multinational mobile phone manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Japanese electronics giant Sony. A joint venture between Sony and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson in 2001, Sony Ericsson was renamed in early 2012 after Sony acquired Ericsson’s share in the business.

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The Xperia range of mobile phones was the first trademark promoted by Sony Ericsson as its own in 2008. While the line originally ran on the Windows Mobile operating system, as of 2010 all Xperia products are Android based, and account for more than half of the company’s mobile phone sales. Xperia is promoted as delivering the best of Sony technology, premium content and services, and easy connectivity to video, games and streaming music via the Sony Entertainment Network. Sony Ericsson also offer the Xperia Play, which was the first smartphone doubling as a handheld gaming console; it features a slide out gamepad that includes game keys and two touchpads, and is PlayStation certified. Like the Arc, the Xperia Play is Android-supported and operates as a full-featured smartphone when not in gaming mode.

Here’s some comments about the Xperia Arc and Xperia Play smartphones from around the web.

“The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is a very impressive phone all round. The body is unbelievably thin, the screen large and responsive to the touch, the camera the best you'll get today. It's a phone that stands out from the usual black slabs, with Sony Ericsson's take on Android 2.3 offering a more visually impressive experience than that of the similar Nexus S.” Gary Cutlack, TechRadar

“Built on the solid Android platform and with a huge list of games to download at launch, the Xperia Play will resonate well with its target audience. There is a trade-off, though; the gaming controller makes this phone thick and heavy, and while some will bear this burden easily, others may shy away.” Joseph Hanlon, CNET Australia

“The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has all the specs and features you'd expect from a smartphone - the latest Android OS and a smashing good camera. Add to that those looks and you're onto a winner.” Hannah Bouckley, T3

Company Values and Vision

Sony Ericsson products followed Sony’s vision to embrace a ‘human-centred’ design philosophy. The company’s vision is to be the preeminent communication entertainment brand, by enabling users to create and participate in entertainment experiences and to anticipate what its customers will want next. Sony has made public commitments to sustainability, and states that the company makes it a priority to consider long-term environmental, social and economic consequences. Sony’s GreenHeart initiative was launched to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and its subsidiaries, and to promote recyclable and socially responsible products.

Customer Service and Product Support

Video tutorials, troubleshooting and warranty information are available online through Sony’s Support Centre. Sony also has a customer contact centre for their mobile communications products, and customers can book online to repair damaged items at authorised service centres.

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