Virgin Mobile

$60 SIM Plan

Virgin Mobile
Bring Your Own Phone
Bring Your Own Phone
Total Price
$60 per month
within Australia
If you exceed your monthly data allowance, the data top-up will be added automatically. Excess data $10 per 1GB
Calls & SMS
Unlimited National Calls
Standard Local, National, Mobile & Video calls within Australia

Unlimited Messages
Standard National SMS & MMS within Australia

International Calls
$250 credit for standard International calls & text
Contract Type
No Contract
Min. total cost $60 for first month

Plan Details

Service Description

This Virgin Mobile Phone Plan is a post-paid service.

Virgin Mobile Phone Plans are powered by the Optus 4G Plus mobile network, to reach 98.5% of the population in Oz, with superfast 4G Plus available on compatible mobile phones in all capital cities and hundreds of regional and holiday towns.

International Inclusions

This plan includes international credit to call selected countries and numbers. Your monthly international credit can be used for calls and texts from Australia, including calls to 13 and 18 numbers. Any unused International Credit will roll over to the following month.

Features & Benefits


All Post-paid plans include massive serves of FairDataTM. It rolls over, tops itself up, is simple to share, and allows music streaming:

  • Data Gifting: Share your spare data with any other Virgin Mobile customer on a Post-paid mobile plan
  • Data Rollover: It gives you a second chance to use what you paid for by automatically rolling over your unused FairDataTM to the next month. Any unused included value of Data, Talk & Text rolls over to the following month and is used only once the following month's value has been used up
  • Data Free Music Streaming: Stream your music with no data charges on Spotify, Google PlayTM Music and iHeartRadio until 1 March 2018. Downloads, video & non-music content incur data charges. Streaming services subject to change at any-time.
  • Auto-Data: Automatically tops you up with an extra 1GB data for $10 if you use all your data. And, if you don’t use up all your Auto-Data, it rolls over
  • Roaming Data-Packs: If you are travelling overseas, a Roaming Data Pack let you use FairDataTM in selected travel destinations.
  • Data-Packs: They are a monthly data boost for your mobile plan. Choose your pack from $15/month for 2GB that rolls over if you don’t use it

Usage Monitoring

You'll receive SMS usage alerts once you’ve reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your Included Value or Data Allowance. You can customize the settings to receive Auto-Alerts.

Earn Velocity Points

Earn 2 Velocity points per $1 spent on Virgin Mobile Post-paid plans. Linked to your Velocity account until 31.10.2019, unless extended.

Things to Know

Plan Exclusions: Your monthly included unlimited value and data does not include usage overseas or calls and messaging types such as: calls to mobile satellite services or calls, text, and MMS to premium numbers. Any use of excluded services will be charged in addition to your minimum monthly spend.

Data Gifting: You can give your spare data (to use in Oz) to any other Virgin Mobile customer on a Post-paid mobile plan. Data Gifts can't be returned and extra data charges still apply, so double-check before you give to make sure you're giving to the right person and that you'll have enough left for yourself. Data usage info may be delayed by up to 48 hours. Gift until 16 Feb 2018, unless extended.

Data Free Music Streaming: available when you sign up or change plans, from the 31 August 2017, to a $30 or higher Postpaid (Phone or SIM) mobile plan. Stream music data free with featured apps until 1 March 2018. Stream up to 512kbps. Streaming services subject to change at any time. Song downloads, data tethering, video content, non-music content such as album art, ads, authentication & app analytics are excluded and will incur data charges. Streaming services may require paid subscription fees & may not have apps available on all mobile operating systems. Suitable for one stream per service on mobile & tablet devices only.

Roaming Data-Packs: gives you extra data in any Zone 1 country, so you can avoid any bill surprises when you return. You can buy more than one at a time, so that when your active pack is used up or expires, your next one kicks in automatically (but please note, unused packs still expire 30 days after purchase). Roaming Data Packs don't include calls or texts. Eligible travel destinations (Zone 1 Countries) are Austria, Denmark, Fiji, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, UK, and USA. These countries may change from time to time.

Velocity Points: You can earn 2 Velocity Points for each $1 spent on your Virgin Mobile Postpaid service until 31 October 2019. Available when you’re an Oz resident over 18 once you've linked your Velocity membership number. Your Velocity account must be in the same name as your phone plan. To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. If you link your Velocity membership when signing up with Virgin Mobile it may take up to 60 days for points to be credited . The earn rate, conditions and offer period may change without notice.

Usage: Virgin Mobile Fair Use Policy applies.

Key Points


  • Get free fast delivery of your new phone or SIM when you buy online

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly
Plan Virgin Mobile $60 SIM Plan - $60.00
Calls & SMS Unlimited National Calls (Standard Local, National, Mobile & Video calls within Australia) - -
Data 11GB Data (within Australia) - -
Messages Unlimited (Standard National SMS & MMS within Australia) - -
Total - $60.00
  Min. total cost $60 for first month


Rates Cost
Flagfall $0.40 per call
Additional minutes $0.00 per minute
Text messages $0.00 each
Picture messages $0.00 each
Excess data If you exceed your monthly data allowance, the data top-up will be added automatically. Excess data $10 per 1GB

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Virgin Mobile $60 SIM Plan